Transformers Generations Rattrap

Yet another of my Transformers Generations figure designs!
Transformers Generations Rattrap! This was done shortly after Rhinox, Waspinator and Cosmos, and I got to do only the Robot mode. But it's one of my favorite sketches and I love how the toy turned out!


The Covenant of Primus: Megatron

When The Covenant of Primus was released, the Megatron design I had done for the  Transformers Binder of Revelations was finally revealed.
This piece of concept art was originally done in 2009, as part of the new TF brand bible.
Once more I was working under Eric Siebenaler's directions along with Aaron Archer's (whow, it was so much time ago that my memories are starting to fade away!).
Under those directions, I created it blending elements from a previous sketch I had done and another artist's ideas (the blacked out face and the axes on the back).

The concept was first only used fort the bible, but it was then sent out as reference for other media. He was the model we used for The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe and the one the other artists used for the Covenant of Primus illustrations, where it also appeared in tis full glory.
I didn't get to do the Alt Mode, which was done by Ken Christiansen and can be seen here.

As a bonus, here is also the "pencil" sketch. From that one I went straight to color devising the technique that I would have later used on the Pop-Ups. But at that time, this took me 4 days!


Generations Metroplex

Wow, it was almost an year ago... When Transformers Generation Metroplex went on sale and also made an appearance as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con.

As some of you may know, I did some work on that giant sucker. But I didn't do the whole design. What I did was working with Chris Hicks on a concept to pitch the idea and work out the general shapes and features. After that, he was properly designed and engineered, but as you may notice, some spots remained faithful to what I had draw, like the chest area. As you can see also, those panels on the shoulders were supposed to open up. Hasbro kept them, but they are now part of the shoulder sculpture and don't move.
Overall, I believed I had to go for  TF Prime aesthetic, I wasn't aware this was for Generations.
Oh, and yes, it's a pretty rough sketch. But many of these things starts like that!


The Covenant of Primus: Ratchet finds a Quintesson chip in Coldwelder’s head

I didn't have time to create new art recently, but it has been a long time since my last post. And while I'm thinking about writing some new article about MOTU, I thought it would be cool to fill some spots with art I created previously.
This is the first illustration I created for the Transformers: The Covenant of Primus book.
Below, you can also see the pencils.


Three Days of He-Man: Colors

After Pencils and Inks And here is the final colored He-Man illustration is complete!
This was much more of a moody piece than Teela, I hope I got it right.
I'm also posting a detail, as even if pretty big, some details gets lost at web size.

I will probably do more of those, as I said when I posted Teela, I'm considering doing one for each of the statues done by Pop Culture Shock (BTW, the He-Man statue is still available here!)
Also, most likely I will have this available as a print at conventions this summer, I'll keep you updated.